• Power Master 6

The All New Power MaSTER 6

Power Master 6 is a high current six indivIdually programmable 30 amp channel power distribution timer that is configurable by Bluetooth, PC, smart phone or tablet. Easy access with screw terminals providing convenient wire-attachment points.

  • Six Channel Vehicle Power Distribution Timer
  • Each Channel 30 Amps IndividuallyProgammable
  • Solid State/Digital Design
  • Self-contained
  • Serial Interface
  • Programmable delay in tenths of a minute from 6 seconds to 4.5 days
  • Every channel has its own delay settings
  • Status LED signals output ON, OFF, Counting-down, configuration mode
  • Waterproof construction -mounts anywhere
  • Optional direct-ignition sensing (recommended for emergency vehicle applications)
  • Low Voltage Protection (voltage and time configurable, i.e. turn off when system voltage falls below 10.5-Volts for 15-Seconds)
  • Configurable Over Voltage Protection to protect sensitive electronics downstream
  • Kill switch input (turns all outputs off)
  • Configured Via Computer, Smart Phone or Tablet with Optional Bluetooth
  • Technician debug mode, manually turn output on or off with smartphone/PC/tablet when connected with optional bluetooth module or cable
  • In-Field Firmware Updatable
  • Two year warranty
The Power Master 6 is made in the USA.

Download specification sheets and installation instructions for the Power Master 6.

Vehicles Availibility

Eliminate Monday morning battery service calls and improve your fleets' vehicle availability. .

Battery Life

Extend your fleet's battery life and reduce or eliminate the need for spare vehicle battery storage.

Auto Off

Automatic power off after a user-determined time for monitor system voltages and time-out counts.


Copeland Engineering provides a two year warranty on all products. All CEI products are made in the USA.